Wax Mold Submarine

I’ve had people ask me… “What do you think TRUE worship looks like?” …so, here’s my thoughts…

Many religious people will focus on the traditional, blended, or contemporary styles of music in a church setting.  However, the true thirst for a “real” worship experience will only be satisfied when it is an outpouring of the daily life of a follower of Jesus.  The form of worship is of no consequence, nor is it a form of appeal or attraction to the unbeliever; worship is a condition of the heart and mind, not just an act.  For worship to remain as such, it cannot be made into something for which it is not meant. The spirit of God working in the spirit of man cares little for musical form.

I remember as a child my family visiting Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  After the conclusion of each tour or section, there were little machines that made wax forms in an image from the preceding exhibit.  For instance, we followed a guide through a recovered World War II German u-boat; after exiting the submarine, there was a little machine that for one dollar would duplicate it in (significantly smaller) wax form.

It occurred to me that all the machines in the museum contained the same wax.  Depending upon the machine’s location, the wax would be poured into a mold and produce an object appropriate for the relating exhibit.  In each location, the form the wax assumed was unique.

How does this allude to worship?  Worship itself is without form; it is contained in the heart of man and is expressed uniquely by each individual.  Every person has a deep drive to exhibit worship, and the form it takes is dependant upon perceived value.

What do you worship?  We worship that for which we strive and work.  Many people worship music, instead of using music as a form of worship.

Career and retirement both hold the high throne of worship in the stereotypical life of an American.  Many people waste away their lives for that high prize of retirement, or base their social status on having a certain type of career.

What about sports?  Many potentially influential men become rendered useless for extended periods of time each week in front of their television.

None of these things are wrong in themselves… it’s our response to them.  Just as many people think money is evil… money’s not evil, it’s how we treat money.

So, I’ve been thinking…

What value do I place on God?

On what He’s done for me?

In what form do I express it?

So… “What do you think TRUE worship looks like?” …I think it looks like you.

2 responses to “Wax Mold Submarine”

  1. Worship looks beautiful on all his children!!


  2. This is good stuff! How true…


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