Endless Reason

Can I celebrate at the death of a man?
Terror he wreaked upon the mind of a nation
Should I rejoice at a death by our hand?
Dark and twisted would be my celebration
Are we the victims of our master plan?
Seeking demise for our own creations

Does freedom for us mean terror to others?
Children enslaved for the pleasure we find
Is higher the value the pain that we’d suffer?
Enabling pursuit of a life famed “divine”
Would I feel the same way if this was my brother?
Or “love one another” if “another” means “mine”

Justice we’ve sought and now justice perceived
Minds of mere men from the greatest to least
As marionettes dance alone on their strings
We find out the truth so long after deceit
If by weights and measures was justice received
Could standing be possible by normal means?

Can I celebrate the death of a man?

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