Samuel. Coffee. Mistakes.

Ever wonder how God views your sins and failures? Here’s a story…

My seven year old son, Samuel, woke me up this morning and told me I needed to come out to the kitchen, he was so excited. When I followed him out he had made hot chocolate for his brother, William, and a pot of coffee for me.

Will came running up to me jumping up and down exclaiming, “Sam Sam made hot chocolate for me!” then ran back to his seat at the counter and started drinking it again.

As Samuel was telling me how he figured out “all by himself” how to make a pot of coffee, because “I watched how you do it, dad”… he suddenly stopped for a second and got serious, “I’m sorry if I wasn’t supposed to use the coffee maker by myself.”
I just said “Who cares if you used the coffee maker?! You made coffee for me and hot chocolate for your brother, that’s awesome!” Then hugged him.

Samuel is wild (in all the good ways). But, he’s also the most caring and loyal child you’ll ever meet. He’s always ready to punch a kid twice his age in the face who messes with his older sister… or help his three year old brother when he gets hurt.

I think sometimes followers of Christ should be a little more wild in our pursuit of God. We beat ourselves up over mistakes we make in our lives, but what we should be focused on is loving Jesus and trying to do the things we saw him doing… like making the world better by building his kingdom… not selfishly sitting around and trying to avoid being bad.

I’m completely convinced that when we make mistakes in our pursuit of God, he just hugs us and says “Yes, but look at how you showed you loved me!”

Only a wild and reckless people are going to be able to do the things Jesus came to begin… and wild and reckless people are… well… wild and reckless.

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