Two Idols Clash

I can’t handle it.

All of this hyper-inflated drama about men who put on tight pants and run around bumping into each other just demonstrates one thing:

There are too many bored Americans wasting their time, energy, and money on something that doesn’t even matter: Football.

Many patriotic people take issue with swearing allegiance to a flag for religious and other reasons, not even in protest. However, this kneeling thing is a peaceable protest. It may break the rules of the NFL, which should result in the players being punished… but beyond that… who cares?

I think people put too much emphasis on the flag as a symbol. Your reaction to the flag is not indicative of your loyalty to a nation. It is not disrespectful of the military either… that’s maybe the dumbest response I’ve heard. But, hey, it gets a reaction to equate an issue to disrespecting the military. It means politicians can get their base worked up and make asinine statements that result in gaining national exposure. It means overpaid and nonsensical writers, like Rachel Held-Evans, can get another unsupported, but controversial article published.

Why the outrage? Is it because people are practicing the freedom we supposedly cherish?

No. It’s because two idols are clashing. The idol of the symbol of a nation, and the idol of a game.

Maybe, let’s get outraged about the atrocities taking place beneath that piece of cloth everyone’s so worked up about…

Let’s get outraged about the women being trafficked and forced into the porn and sex industry in this nation. Let’s get angry about the fact that children are abused and hungry every day in this nation. Let’s be vocal about the rampant racism that is destroying entire communities in this nation. Let’s get mobilized to help the millions of people who need help in the wake of the recent natural disasters in this nation.

But, my gosh… it’s a game with no significant value… and it’s a piece of cloth that symbolizes the very freedom these overpaid NFL players are choosing to exercise.

Get so angry about these two idols of America clashing that you don’t care anymore… then use it as an opportunity to spend more energy on something that actually matters.

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