Evolutionary Continuity

IMG_8484We like to believe what we know is constant. A large part of our thought processes historically, educationally, spiritually, and even scientifically are based on this assumption that what we observe now can be the basis of how things have always operated and will continue to operate in the future. There’s just one problem: everything changes. Just as the world has not always held the same life, or climate, as it currently does, it will not continue this way forever. It makes us scared as humans that we don’t understand or have control over our environment. We try to figure out ways to keep everything as we falsely assume it has always been. It’s because we don’t fully appreciate the process of life-death-life.

Stay with me through the next part, there’s a point…

Developmental change is constant. Death/end brings life/beginning; the old passes away for the new to be born… Perhaps, that is the only observable continuity. It’s part of the ever-evolving world and creation that God systematized from the beginning. Jesus was the creative force, (“Word,” “Cornerstone,”) through whom the foundation of creation was laid for what would eventually become life as we experience and know it today. Then, when we reached our evolutionary fulfillment (the “fullness of time”), we had the cognitive ability as a people to understand that this life-death cycle in which humans believed is not the ultimate goal of our existence…

…We had the ability to grasp that loving God by loving people is not something that is a list of “Thou Shalts” to be followed in order to keep from being selfish, it is to be the essence of our being.

The life, death, and resurrection of Christ brought completion. Christ being the one through whom all things began, the “cornerstone” or foundation. When the earth had built upon the foundation laid to reach its intended goal, Jesus entered our existence and placed the “capstone” as the finishing work for which he laid the foundation from the beginning: Eternal Life. He completed the cycle of life-death-life, proving that the purpose of life is not to reach an end… but to reach a beginning.

This observable cycle of life-death-life in evolution is for individuals as well, not just nature or events. This should give hope to anyone, regardless of station or circumstance in life. It has not always been this way, and it will not always continue to be this way. Sometimes we get so self-centered and focused inward that we forget to lift our eyes to our Creator and his presentation of what life could be.

Your situation, circumstance, or hardship will one day end and give way to something new…


Look forward to change… even look forward to the end of something good. You never know what life awaits.

Published by David Moscrip

David Moscrip lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and three children. He writes and produces music, attends Knox Seminary, and leads worship at his church.

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