I am Whole.

img_0472Recently, I read a Christian-based article talking about how God wants us to be crushed in order to make us new. Needless to say, this is an extremely false view of Christianity.

I began thinking about how this mentality has come about and the many phrases that get uttered in order to sound hyper-spiritual. Another phrase I’ve heard over and over again is “God really wrecked me” when referring to a moment of spiritual realization. It’s important to be careful that the words that may be used to describe an emotional experience do not become a basis for our doctrine or theology, because phrases such as this are simply untrue.

God wants you to be whole, not “wrecked” or “crushed.” In fact, he reveals his desire for our wholeness in the fact that he offers to be our strength in weakness.

He offers life abundantly.

Nowhere in scripture does God offer to crush us, but he does offer hope when we do feel that way in and of our own selves.

So, let’s accept the truth about what is offered in Christ. Let’s stop using language that is pure nonsense when actually analyzed.

I am not Crushed.

I am not Wrecked.

I am Whole.

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