Racial Elitism

img_2402There is no room for elitism in Christianity.

White nationals, black panthers (the group, not the amazing Marvel movie), and similar groups have no place in Christians’ way of living. The tribal mentalities that cause us to group ourselves by ethnicity, orientation, title, education, or accomplishment, all disappear before God.

I recently watched several interviews where White Nationalists were asked about their beliefs. The answers ranged from, “Races should be separate, but equal,” to, “’The White Race’ [whatever that means] is superior.” White nationalism isn’t the only demented group asserting its superior ethnicity over another, but it is the one that seems to be making the most headlines lately. Often, it tries to use the Bible as justification for its perverted mindset.

What does Scripture say about ethnic lines? Does God favor and elevate one race above another? Does God teach that races should not intermarry?

As funny as it is that some of these questions even exist in an age where education is so easily accessible, there are many ignorant people still in the world, so these questions somehow still need to be addressed. So, allow me to quickly clarify some of the absurdities.

Does God teach that races should not intermarry? Answer: No.

This is not found in Scripture. In fact, Jesus’ lineage was not even one of a single race. This is recorded in both Matthew and Luke with the inclusion of Boaz, whose wife was Ruth, a Moabite. The focus of Christianity is Jesus, and he was of mixed descent. The reservation against intermarriage is that of marriages between faiths; it has nothing to do with race.

Does God favor one race above another? Answer: No.

It didn’t go so well for the Jews who believed this in the Old Testament of the Bible, and it doesn’t go so well for Christians who believe this now. This is a common misconception among Christians in the USA, that God somehow chose a race that was to be separate from others. Biblically speaking, Israel was chosen by God to carry His message of redemption to the rest of the world. The problem? They refused to do it, so God withdrew from their midst and sent Jesus to reveal that salvation has always been through God’s grace, not according to ethnicity. Jesus reinforced that God’s desire was for all people and all nations, not a chosen few.

What does Scripture say about ethnic barriers? Answer: They don’t exist in God’s Kingdom

Both Paul and Luke brag about the diversity of Christianity. One cannot read Acts without understanding the diverse nature of the Kingdom of God. However, just in case a person is purposely choosing to be blind to this, Paul spells it out pretty clearly in Colossians 3:

“Here [among Christians] there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave,[e] free; but Christ is all, and in all.” (Colossians 3:11)

There is never justification within Christianity for elitism or exclusion of any kind – not gender-based, race-based, popularity-based, or on any other basis. Jesus made that clear by the example of His own life, and Paul’s belief system on this topic transformed from one of a race-based religion to one of a champion of diversity (you can read more in-depth about this in my post: All Nations).

If there is a person or organization that is manipulating the teachings of Scripture in an attempt to support some form of Christian racism, then that person is not just misled, that person is not a follower of Christ.

Published by David Moscrip

David Moscrip lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and three children. He writes and produces music, attends Knox Seminary, and leads worship at his church.

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