Would Paul Wear a Mask?

I wear a mask. I don’t like them, they cause my glasses to fog up, they create issues with my hearing aids, they make it difficult to breathe. Legally I can claim a medical condition to exempt me. I’m not even sure how effective they are. So why do I wear one? In I Corinthians, Paul declared his freedom in Christ, yet said he made himself servant to all. Basically he was declaring a desire that he not be a stumbling block to someone’s path to salvation. “I have become all things to all men.” Not wishy-washy but committed to do what he could to save all.

Obviously, wearing or not wearing a mask is not a condition of Christianity. But, as Christians we say we love our fellow human beings. Wearing a mask can be a step we take to show we care. And it’s not something we should argue about when someone disagrees. You don’t wear a mask, I’m not going to berate you, give you 99 reasons why you should. That’s your choice and even if I disagree with you, I still love you.

I think Paul would wear a mask.

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