A Review of Every Moment Holy

Every Moment Holy Volume I.  written by Douglas McKelvey and published by Andrew Peterson’s Rabbit Room Press, is a series of ligurgies that seeks to “remind us of the sacredness of all things, of the pervasive truth of the Gospel.” It takes events from everyday life and turns them into holy moments. In a liturgy on “Changing of Diapers I” (Yes, there are two), McKelvey states “I am not just changing a diaper, by love and service I am tending a budding heart that, rooted early in such grace-filled devotion may one day be more readily-inclined to bow to your compassionate conviction – knowing itself then as both a receptacle and a reservoir of heavenly grace.” In my mind that takes a mundane task to a new level, a holy level. And that’s what this book is all about.  

The book is divided into several sections including Liturgies of Labor & Vocations, Liturgies of Creation & Recreation, Liturgies of Blessing & Celebration, Liturgies of Petition & Provision, Liturgies of Sorrow & Lament, Liturgies of the Moment, and Liturgies for Table Blessings. They take various forms – some are intended to be read responsively in a group. Others are for personal devotion time as individuals or families. However, the reader can adapt each one for his or her own use. They are flexible, allowing you to be so. Each liturgy is accompanied by at least one scripture, written in the margins. 

The book itself is available in print or in digital format. The print edition is a keepsake, with a rigid leather-type cover with gold gilding on the edges of the pages and a bookmark. It is a nice book to give as a gift. 

As I was reading through it the first time (and I limited myself to one per day), I found that I was eagerly anticipating the liturgical topic for the day and was rarely disappointed. The second takeaway that I got from this book is a realization that every aspect of our lives can, or should be touched by God, and thus can be holy moments.

I was very disappointed when I finished the book, but I have no doubt that I will revisit it often. But not for a while. I have just received a copy of Volume II –  Death, Grief, and Hope. And the good news is that it is a thicker volume than the first!

Published by John Stancil

John Stancil is a retired college professor and CPA living in Lakeland FL. John has always been active in his church, fulfilling a variety of roles. He has served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations, usually faith-based. He has remarried after being a widower for a number of years. He and Heather are blessed with numerous children, grandchildren, and a great granddaughter. Writing has always been a passion of his and he was widely published in professional accounting journals. He’s frequently written other types of articles primarily about his faith. John is a big sports fan, especially hockey, baseball, and soccer. He enjoys a wide variety of concerts and music as well as live theater. He is an avid reader. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of Memphis, an MBA from the University of Georgia, and a BS in Accounting from Mars Hill University. John also loves to travel, either exploring Florida, visiting parts of the USA, or taking a cruise. John grew up in Asheville, NC and has lived in Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and now Florida. Several years ago he traveled to Ghana on a mission trip to distribute 4,000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

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