Time to Disconnect

Questions of purpose often lead to times of contemplation and reflection for those serious about matters of the body and soul. The two are intertwined and are impacted by the manner in which we consume or discharge physically, cognitively, and spiritually. What impact do outside forces have on our opinions, principles, behaviors, and psychological well-being?

Consider the frequency with which we pull up a family member, friend, or acquaintance on Social Media in order to receive an update about their lives, rather than directly interacting with them. Anxiety, stress, and preoccupation abound from the constant bombardment of international news that has little to no impact on our daily lives but fills our mind with worry. Conversations are avoided, meaningful social interactions dismissed, and neglect inflicted as we return to the addiction of our phones, tablets, and televisions to fill every lull in conversation – often during conversations and time that could be otherwise meaningful.

What would it look like to disconnect for a time and refocus solely on those around us and create space for silence and meditation?

Just as any community amplifies aspects of humanity, so does Social Media, and I don’t really like what I see. I think more harm than good has come from Social Media.

I will continue to write on my blog, but I plan to consume information solely through print for a while. Books and newspapers do not bombard my life with notifications, distractions, and endless newsfeeds that have been catered specifically to manipulate my thinking into purchasing a product. Plus, it is just becoming really creepy to see the increasing amount of information that is gathered in order to sell humans as a product to companies.

If you are interested in keeping up with me, feel free to shoot me a message and ask for my phone number/email. I’ll be on FB occasionally out of necessity for business purposes. You can also reach out to me through my web site: WonderfullyPlagued.com. I look forward to more personal interactions.

Published by David Moscrip

David Moscrip lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and three children. He writes and produces music, attends Knox Seminary, and leads worship at his church.

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