New Podcast: Get Up and Hope

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since writing on this site, mainly because I have been working on a new project: The Get Up and Hope Podcast.

My childhood friend and former rock bandmate, Joe Carr, and I have been working on this idea for over a year now and it has finally launched. We wanted to offer a message of hope, even as the world seems to be so full of negativity at the moment. Here is our promotional video:

We get personal on the show as we share our stories and discuss how to navigate obstacles that get in the way of pursuing a life that is filled with hope. I would love it if those of who have followed this blog over the ten years of its existence would now join me in this new pursuit, by taking a listen and subscribing to Get Up and Hope. It is available on several common podcast streaming platforms, and we’re adding more soon. You can simply follow one of the links below to find the show. Thanks!

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