• Parenting by Proxy?

    Parenting by Proxy?

    Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among some groups of parents who are worried about the influence of movies, music, and other forms of media on their children’s minds. They claim that these media sources are trying to indoctrinate their children with agendas that go against their own values and morals. They protest against companies…

  • Crisis of Imagination

    Crisis of Imagination

    My wife, Kacie, and I have been travelling a decent amount over the last two weeks. Currently, we are in London. London is one of those cities that feels like a second home to us in many ways, because we have spent enough time here to have a normal routine when we visit. Yesterday morning,…

  • What Do We Create?

    What Do We Create?

  • What is My Purpose? (Video)

    What is My Purpose? (Video)

    What is our purpose? Is there a greater reality with some grand plan? Do we live in the matrix? Find out on this episode of Get Up and Hope! Throughout time, philosophers, prophets, and oracles have directed our attention toward reflective thought of what invisible realm must exist in order to bring forth what we…

  • (Video) St. Patrick’s Day

    (Video) St. Patrick’s Day

    A little late in the day, due to hammering out some technical issues, but still on St. Patrick’s Day. I decided to record a short preview episode (ADD moments are presented in Black and White) to work out a rhythm for the videos that will be released every Tuesday. Please take a moment to head…

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