These Empty Shells

Who knew that a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina to escape the frigid Indiana temperatures in December and relax for a few days would eventually alter my perception on spirituality?

Seventy degrees and windy doesn’t seem very warm when you’re walking along the beach, but much better than the three degrees we would be experiencing back home…

and I was determined at the very least to get my feet wet.

Thoughts on Fatherhood

So, maybe it’s that we’ve been discussing the topic of parenthood at Life Church… perhaps it’s the recent birth of my second child and the subsequent time off from work… regardless… I’ve found myself reflecting on being a father… lately I’ve had too many thoughts flying around in my head to sleep… so I’ll get this one out to make more brain room.

Remember when you were young? I know, “eons ago” (come on… at least PRETEND you can remember, I mean… I feel embarrassed for you right now). Not young as in comparing yourself to someone older to boost your self-esteem young, I mean really young…