The World’s Peace – Or God’s?

Peace. Such a  simple word. We use it on numerous occasions, with many meanings. We may meet someone on the street and carry on a short conversation. As we depart, we may wish them “peace.” When two nations have been waging war and cease hostilities,  we say there is peace. We may dwell on theContinue reading “The World’s Peace – Or God’s?”

Is Jesus an American?

As Christians, we hold a dual citizenship. We have citizenship in an earthly country. I am a citizen of the United States. Proudly so. Notice that I did not say I am an American Citizen. There are two continents with the word “America” in their name. If I am an American citizen it is assumedContinue reading “Is Jesus an American?”

Are You “Out of Kilter?”

Growing up in an Appalachian region, I frequently heard the term “out of kilter.” When someone is described as being out of kilter, something is wrong in their life. Kilter is defined as being in the proper state or condition. Thus, if we are out of kilter, something is wrong. As Christians, we are usuallyContinue reading “Are You “Out of Kilter?””