Boosts from the Bible (Philippians 4:4-14)

I read an article a few days ago profiling the reaction of the little town to one of their own having the coronavirus. At that point, against the governor of that state’s recommendations, that church was holding a physical worship service though taking some precautions. One woman there told an interviewer: “I feel like the Lord is going to protect us. He’s not going to let anything happen to us in church.” Continue reading Boosts from the Bible (Philippians 4:4-14)

Would Paul Wear a Mask?

I wear a mask. I don’t like them, they cause my glasses to fog up, they create issues with my hearing aids, they make it difficult to breathe. Legally I can claim a medical condition to exempt me. I’m not even sure how effective they are. So why do I wear one? In I Corinthians, Paul declared his freedom in Christ, yet said he made himself servant to all. Basically he was declaring a desire that he not be a stumbling block to someone’s path to salvation. “I have become all things to all men.” Not wishy-washy but committed to … Continue reading Would Paul Wear a Mask?