To the Faint of Heart

‘I’m prepared for school.’ My 7-year-old daughter stares at me. ‘I’m ready for school, mom. How many minutes?’ I’m not prepared for her school. Oh, I have the books and the supplies and the lesson—but I am not prepared. I’m tired, I’m only halfway through this French press of glorious black coffee, and I’m resistantContinue reading “To the Faint of Heart”

The World’s Peace – Or God’s?

Peace. Such a  simple word. We use it on numerous occasions, with many meanings. We may meet someone on the street and carry on a short conversation. As we depart, we may wish them “peace.” When two nations have been waging war and cease hostilities,  we say there is peace. We may dwell on theContinue reading “The World’s Peace – Or God’s?”