• American Prophets

    American Prophets

    What would it look like if everyone chose to listen right now, instead of hiding in fear behind a shield of ignorance, obstinance, politics, and false Christianity?

  • The Value of a Life

    The Value of a Life

    Is the value of life Inherent or Imparted? Protests, marches, riots… It’s about race, but it’s also about something deeper than race. The true issue is at the core of our lifestyles, mindsets, and even our beliefs. Political and governmental organizations are not the only entities wrestling with the symptoms resulting from the core problems…

  • The Message is Justice

    The Message is Justice

    Last night, I was pacing back and forth through my house as I often do when I’m trying to mentally sort through something. My wife, Kacie, and daughter, Alyson, asked me what was bothering me. I responded that a lot of what I was seeing in the news about the protests did not make any…

  • Racism, Offense, & Pentecost Sunday

  • Stay Angry: It is time for racism to die.

    Stay Angry: It is time for racism to die.

    Officer: “Do you have a license and registration?” I was eighteen and driving to work from a church small group meeting. I was in Clermont, Indiana, one of the suburbs of Indianapolis. I was driving the speed limit and listening to the radio, when police lights suddenly flashed on behind me. I was confused, but…

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