• Are We on Mission?

    Are We on Mission?

    One of my favorite things I do is that I get to lead the music at my church. It is something that I have done off and on all of my life. I enjoy it and am passionate about leading music in a way that makes all people feel welcome and like they have a…

  • Chasing Shadows

    Chasing Shadows

    Recently, I read The Republic by Plato. Although it was written thousands of years ago, I was amazed at how the message was timeless in exposing the subjugation of humanity by society – and the need for freedom from this enslavement. According to Plato, a proper education through gymnastics (physical exercise) and poetry (study of…

  • The Value of a Life

    The Value of a Life

    Is the value of life Inherent or Imparted? Protests, marches, riots… It’s about race, but it’s also about something deeper than race. The true issue is at the core of our lifestyles, mindsets, and even our beliefs. Political and governmental organizations are not the only entities wrestling with the symptoms resulting from the core problems…

  • Purpose



  • Dear Christians

    Dear Christians

    Dear Christians, There’s an event recorded in John 8 about a woman being brought before Jesus who was caught sleeping with a married man. She was brought to stand before Jesus in the Temple (likely still naked in order to shame her). The religious leaders and attorneys said that the law commanded she be stoned,…

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